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Contact OTL, 800 Number

As a customer, you will see your ScoreSense credit report monitoring service billed as OTL ScoreSense. There are a few ways to contact OTL:, 800 number, or through social media. If you need a ScoreSense contact concerning OTL, 877-335-6823 is the number to know.

Contact OTL, 800 Number

When is the best time to contact a credit reporting agency like ScoreSense? Contact us whenever you are faced with a major financial decision. Buying or selling a home, taking out a large loan for a car or college, or perhaps major medical expenses—we’re to help you by providing information that may affect your qualifying for a loan.

Another good time for a ScoreSense contact is when you reach one of life’s milestones. Getting married? Having a baby? Getting ready to retire? Whenever your life is about to change, a ScoreSense credit report and membership will help prepare for and ease the transition. It is easy to contact OTL:, at 877-335-6823.

When you suspect that you may be a victim of financial fraud is another reason to contact ScoreSense. Anytime you suspect someone of trying to access your credit information, or of trying to open an unauthorized line of credit, use the OTL 800 number.

At ScoreSense, fraud is what we are trying to stop. We want to help you keep the best credit score possible by protecting your identity. Using the ScoreSense credit report and monitoring your credit, you can protect your identity and credit score.

For more information, visit If you prefer a phone contact for OTL, 877 335-6823 will put you through. You can also join us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.