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Have you signed up for membership with ScoreSense, and then been surprised by seeing the name OTL on your credit card statement? Don’t worry, OTL ScoreSense and OTL are just different names for the same ScoreSense services our customers know and trust.

OTL offers valuable services, such as free credit reports, credit monitoring, and more, to help protect the families and finances of members. What’s more, the OTL site is full of information that helps members better understand their finances. To provide a clear picture of each member’s financial information, OTL ScoreSense offers reports from all three credit bureaus.

That may seem a bit confusing, if you don’t quite understand the three credit score system. Each consumer has three credit scores, because there are three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Each generates a score for you based on information found in your credit record, but each bureau uses the information slightly differently, because not every lender reports to every bureau.

Adding to the confusion, lenders do not necessarily calculate your credit worthiness based solely on the information from the bureaus. Because each financial institution has its own formula, based on that institution’s priorities, the scores you receive won’t be identical to those from a credit services provider. Your best bet to obtaining a clear picture of your finances is to collect all three credit reports.

This is where OTL ScoreSense comes in. Founded on the principle that every consumer should have the information necessary to protect his or her finances and family, offers not only credit reports, but also credit monitoring, notification about things like data breaches, identity theft risks, and sexual predators, and more. For more information, and to get your free credit report, visit our website!