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We believe in putting the power of credit knowledge into the hands of members. That means providing helpful information about credit and financial security, but it also means giving ScoreSense members access to all three of their credit reports. This may be confusing to some people, because three seems like a lot of scores! However, the only way ScoreSense members can have complete information regarding their credit scores is by seeing the big picture.

Why isn’t one credit score enough? There are three different credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Each of these bureaus processes the same information, and takes the same factors into account, but each bureau uses this information in a slightly different way and comes up with a slightly different calculation. That means that the information on each of your three credit reports will probably be a bit different. Another reason your scores may vary is that every lender does not report to each of the three bureaus, so one or more of the bureaus may have incomplete information.

Additionally, when you apply for credit, you will receive a “lender score.” This is a score calculated by the financial institution itself, when making a decision about whether to give you a loan or a new line of credit. Each financial institution uses its own scoring formula, based on the factors it deems pertinent. While scores from credit service providers – also called “consumer scores” – are typically close to the scores generated by lending institutions based on your credit history, they are not usually identical. Banks and other financial institutions are not usually willing to reveal the score they generate for you, so getting the information from the three credit bureaus is your best bet, when trying to understand your creditworthiness.

If this all seems confusing, take heart; can help. OTL ScoreSense puts all the information you need about credit scores, and your personal credit, at your fingertips. For more information on credit score tips or to get your free credit score today, visit!

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