At ScoreSense, credit score reporting is only part of what we do. OTL ScoreSense goes further to give members the information they need to protect their finances, their identities, and their families. Part of this information has to do with the basic credit report. How much do you actually know?

Your credit score is basically a financial report card. Based on the FICO scale, which was created in the 1950s, credit scales vary from bureau to bureau, but are generally assign numeric ratings between 350 and 800. The higher your number, the better your credit score. If you’ve had financial trouble, your score is probably low. Conversely, if you have always paid bills on time, your score is likely to be high.

A higher credit score can save you money, and make it easier to purchase things using credit. Lenders look at credit scores before extending credit, and people with higher scores pay lower interest rates on loans, while people with low scores may not get financing at all. That is why it is so important to keep track of your credit score, by using a monitoring service like ScoreSense.

Many companies offer access to credit scores, and some of those offer monitoring of your credit report, as well. What sets ScoreSense apart is the deeper protection for your family. With ScoreSense, fraud can be quickly caught, because your credit and identity are monitored. ScoreSense also lets you know about changes in your neighborhood, alerting you if a sexual predator moves in down the street, just as we notify you if someone is using your name without your permission.

With ScoreSense, fraud attempts are unlikely to damage your credit score. ScoreSense makes it our business to give you the information you need to protect not only your credit and your identity, but also your family. For more information, or for a free ScoreSense credit report, visit the website!

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