By subscribing to ScoreSense, fraud can be prevented.  ScoreSense Credit Monitoring Services provide notification to you if any unusual activity is detected in your name on millions of Internet sites, in public records, or on loan or credit applications.  Although this information can also be obtained from a free credit report, ScoreSense can help prevent fraud when it happens because the notification is instant, and doesn’t rely on you to order an annual free credit report.  ScoreSense can detect and alert you to identity theft that can make you the victim of fraud.

Without the watchful eye of ScoreSense, fraud is possible.  Fraud is a deliberate act of deception, and occurs when criminals use your stolen personal information to make purchases, apply for credit cards, or obtain loans.  What most people don’t think about is the fact that fraud affects not only the victim, but the whole family.  An elderly parent, spouse, or even your child can be subjected to identity theft, resulting in the loss of an entire life’s savings, denial of new credit for a home or car, or thousands of dollars in legal and personal fees, to name but a few of the consequences.  A ScoreSense review of your credit reports can help you find identity theft early.

Once someone in your family has been victimized, you may be subjected to legal action as creditors try to recover money from you that you never borrowed.  You may have to take money out of a retirement account or your personal savings to cover your family member’s costs if they can’t cover the bills.  Money for a nursing home or medical bills once covered by a retirement account may now have to come out of your pocket.  Unless you use ScoreSense, fraud can affect your entire lifestyle and future.

Fraud prevention is the best way to protect your entire family from financial devastation.  If a criminal gets ahold of your social security, bank account, credit card, or even driver’s license number, you could become a victim of fraud.  One of the best ways to supervise your finances, and the finances of your family, is to make sure you are all subscribers to ScoreSense Credit Monitoring Services.  ScoreSense fraud alerts arrive to your email account anytime a ScoreSense review of Internet activity notes unusual activity happening using your identifying information.  The alerts let you move quickly to stop any actions before they can affect your credit rating or finances.

Don’t wait once a year for a free credit report.  ScoreSense can help you detect fraud now.  Every day that identity theft goes undetected, fraudulent activity can continue, dragging you into a financial and credit spiral that you may not be able to recover from quickly, if at all.  With the help of the professionals and advanced analytical services offered by ScoreSense, fraud does not have to impact you or your family members.

If protecting your family from fraud and financial devastation is important to you, visit our website at or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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