Why would a company trying to increase personal credit score sense by delivering credit score and credit monitoring services to consumers also offer protection from identity theft? That’s easy. Identity theft destroys your credit score rating, which can make your life miserable.

Credit Score Sense
Credit Score Sense

Most consumers have a low credit score sense. That is, they just don’t realize how many different areas of their lives a credit score impacts. Sure it affects loan rates for homes and cars, but it also influences decisions on leases, utilities, and even employment.

Losing control of your identity may not only cost you a loan, it could cost you a job. It will undoubtedly lead to long hours spent trying to correct information and restore your good name.

The most frequent identity theft channel remains credit card fraud. And despite the high-tech methods ID thieves seem to be developing to ruin your credit score rating and raid your assets, the most common source of identity theft remains the stolen wallet or purse.

That’s why credit score sense is not a matter of simply getting a free credit score every now and then to check up on where you stand. Free credit scores show you the present picture, but if you wait until a problem occurs to look at the report, it will not be a pretty picture at all.

And that brings us back to why a company increasing credit score sense by delivering credit score and monitoring services also offers identity theft protection. Identity theft presents the biggest threat to the average consumer’s credit rating scores.

In addition to services that can alert you to possible identity theft, you can take some common credit score sense precautions in your daily routines.

  • Don’t give out personal information on the phone to anyone you did not call.
  • Shred financial documents, receipts, and mail to prevent dumpster divers from finding information in your trash.
  • When you go out, pay attention to who handles your credit card – make sure they are not illegally scanning it or giving your number to an accomplice.
  • Don’t keep identifying information in your car.
  • Never leave a laptop unattended.
  • Know where your wallet and checkbook are at all times.
  • Never carry your Social Security card, extraneous credit cards, or written down passwords.
  • Carefully review your credit card and bank statements each month to ensure there are no fraudulent charges.

To improve your credit score sense with more tips or to get your free credit score today, visit our website.

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