ScoreSense: Scams Derailed
ScoreSense: Scams Derailed

By subscribing to a quality credit monitoring agency like ScoreSense, scams that affect millions of people’s financial health annually don’t have to affect you at all.  In addition to being personally responsible and handling sensitive information properly, employing the services of a credit monitoring company will provide the extra security you need to ensure your data is safe and being watched all the time for fraudulent activity.  With ScoreSense, scams to obtain your personal information get stopped before they start.

Even with a credit monitoring agency like ScoreSense on your side, the service is reactionary.  It will alert you to improper use of your personal data, but that means it’s already made its way into the hands of criminals.  Having a monitoring agency available to you doesn’t relieve you of the personal responsibility of protecting your information in the first place.  Here are some vital tips to ensure your financial and personal data stay protected at all times.

  • Memorize your computer passwords.  Never write them down in a book or in one central location where they can be easily stolen.  Also, change all of your passwords on a routine basis, like every 90 days.
  • Be dubious.  With modern software programs, it’s very easy to duplicate the official look of a credit card company or bank in an email.  If you get an email from one of your creditors asking for a long list of personal information, STOP.  Call the requesting agency and find out why they need all of this information.  If the email is legitimate, they will welcome the challenge, and if not, they need to be made aware of it anyway.
  • Buy, and overuse, a cross-cut shredder.  Even non-descript mail with your name on it can contain enough personal information to get a criminal started.  A good rule of thumb is:  If it comes in an envelope, shred it.  It’s a lot less expensive to buy a new shredder every year than to fight one instance of identity theft.
  • Minimize the number of credit cards and bank checks you keep and use.  That way, if they do get stolen, they can be stopped or canceled quickly.
  • Check your credit reports regularly. Look for discrepancies, and immediately dispute any information found to be incorrect.
  • Review each of your credit card and bank statements carefully when the arrive for unauthorized transactions
  • Minimize the use of your social security number.  This one number, more than any other, identifies YOU.  If it is used as an ID number on any account, including your driver’s license, change it.
  • When performing transactions on line, always make sure your credit or debit card information is being encrypted over a secure server, denoted by the ‘https’ or ‘shttp’ designator in front of the address.  If security cannot be guaranteed, use the telephone.

When these tips are combined with the protection afforded by an excellent credit score service provider like ScoreSense, scams can be derailed quickly or avoided all together.  The best defense against identity theft and fraud is a combination of both personal responsibility and the services of a quality credit monitoring company.  By protecting your data from the start, you ensure it stays out of the wrong hands, and by having a company like ScoreSense in your employ, you can be confident that your credit is protected if your data does get stolen.

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