ScoreSense: Scams and Loss
ScoreSense: Scams and Loss

Credit fraud and scams are commonplace in our electronic society, but by signing up with ScoreSense, scams and fraud don’t have to hit your pocketbook.   ScoreSense fraud protection provides instant alerts anytime a payday loan, criminal record, or change of address occurs in your name.  It also monitors the Internet constantly for signs of your personal identity appearing on sites or in public records.  When you sign up with ScoreSense, scams involving phishing, skimming, and even dumpster diving are quickly thwarted, saving your personal and financial reputation.

According to the Federal Trade Commission website, 9 million Americans are the subject of identity theft each year.  That’s almost 3 percent of the population.  The fraud can be confined to the misuse of one credit card or as complete as full-blown identity theft, where loans are taken out and merchandise purchased in your name and you’re left holding the bill.  In many cases, you may be unaware that your identity has been stolen until you try to apply for credit, rent an apartment, or get hired for a new job.  The effects can be devastating, and it can take years to repair the damage to your name.

All it takes is for a criminal to get a couple of pieces of personal information from you.  A driver’s license number, social security number, or account information from your bank, credit card, or mortgage statement is all that’s needed to perpetuate identity theft.  And crooks can get such information from you in a number of ways:  By digging through your trash, sending a fake email that asks you to input personal information, or even outright theft of a wallet or purse.  Once they have the information, they can get loans or credit cards, a driver’s license, empty your bank account, make purchases electronically, or even file false tax returns in your name.

Guarding personal information and being alert to scams will go a long way to keep you safe, but it won’t protect you completely from identity theft.  At a minimum, you need to check your credit reports regularly for unusual information, and dispute false information immediately if it appears.  You should also employ the service of a full-service credit monitoring company that can watch for your personal information to appear anywhere it shouldn’t, like public records, criminal records, Internet websites, and information black markets.  The best credit monitoring companies will also provide identity theft insurance to cover your losses in the event your identity is compromised and your credit ruined.


With a reputable company like ScoreSense, scams targeting you can be stopped instantly.  Through ID Score, one of the many ScoreSense services, you can calculate your risk of identity theft using their proprietary risk formula, and take steps to mitigate the risk before it affects you.  By monitoring your credit with ScoreSense, fraud can be stopped before it is allowed to begin.  And with their credit monitoring program, ScoreSense customers get up to $1 million in identity theft coverage to help cover out-of-pocket expenses should the unthinkable happen.

Protect your personal information, shred important documents, delete passwords from any computer you use, and sign up for ScoreSense fraud protection and credit monitoring services today.

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