ScoreSense: Fraud Fighting
ScoreSense: Fraud Fighting

ScoreSense fraud protection services can keep consumers from being victims of identity theft.  By monitoring your credit information and watching for your personal information to appear online in the wrong places, the service can alert you to illicit activity the moment it starts.  ScoreSense members get access to their credit reports and scores, threat monitoring, alerts, and protection, and $1 million in identity theft insurance.  Identity theft is on the rise, and every day criminals are developing new ways to obtain your personal information. You need ScoreSense fraud prevention systems on your side to protect you against this criminal element.

Although it may seem like identity theft is a crime that first appeared recently, it’s actually been around for decades.  Ever since the advent of credit cards, criminals have been trying to find ways to steal the information and use it for nefarious purposes.  In the 1980s, it was done by dumpster diving, phone scams, and mail theft.  The rise of computers and advances in technology, however, really gave the crime a new foothold in society, allowing thieves to steal your information without ever having to physically put their hands on it.

Today, computer databases filled with personal information are hacked, home computers are infected with viruses that collect your personal information and send it over the Internet to third-party distributors, and data is intercepted and diverted when transactions are conducted on-line.  Of course, the old ways of collecting information are still around too – mail, trash, and phone – but now it’s easier than ever to use this information once it’s stolen because of the Internet, where transactions are conducted without the need for identification or physical credit card to swipe.

Last year, the arrest of Amar Singh uncovered the biggest ring of identity theft to date.  In the course of only two months, Singh and his associates managed to rack up over $13 million dollars in fraudulent credit card transactions using information they had stolen from unsuspecting consumers with skimmers – electronic devices that read the information off credit cards swiped at retail stores or restaurants.  Once stolen, the ring of thieves would make up new, fake credit and ID cards, which associates then used to go on shopping sprees around the U.S. buying merchandise, staying in fancy hotels, and even renting a private jet.

With more and more consumers using the Internet for everything from paying bills to gift buying, the incidence of identity theft is expected to rise during the coming years.  Even new laws imposed by various countries making identity theft a capital crime are unlikely to slow the tide of greedy criminals looking to make a fast buck.  best defense then, as a consumer, is to protect your valuable personal and financial data to the best of your ability, and then rely on the services of a professional credit monitoring company to watch for illegal activity in your name.

That’s what ScoreSense does.  It scours the Internet for signs that your data is being used without your knowledge, or in ways that could hurt your credit worthiness or financial health.  By subscribing to ScoreSense fraud protection services, you can assure yourself that your personal information is being monitored for misuse, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to protect your identity.

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