The credit reporting service offered by OTL ScoreSense can help make your kids more credit-savvy. Not only does ScoreSense help protect your identity and establish and maintain a better credit score, it serves as a great teaching tool for your kids, too.

Looking at the OTL ScoreSense credit report, you learn all the types of information credit bureaus collect to determine credit scores. With ScoreSense, credit scores become less of a mystery. The monthly membership in OTL more than pays for itself with the knowledge and understanding of how credit scores affect your financial freedom and flexibility.

Using the tools available from OTL, ScoreSense membership allows you to see how your credit score would change as a result of decisions you make. Not only do you learn about how your choices affect your credit score, your children learn as well.

An important lesson many money coaches say children need to learn can be gained from a ScoreSense credit report. Before using credit, children need to learn the cost. Lenders don’t just give money (like parents sometimes do). They charge interest.

Another lesson to be taught using the tools from OTL ScoreSense: you do not want to borrow to the extent of your credit limit. Young people are more likely to max out credit cards and spending limits. The tools at OTL can help teach the negative impact this approach can have on credit scores.

Finally, ScoreSense reviews help you and your children see who reviews your credit reports. They may be surprised (and you may be surprised as well) to see potential employers, landlords, and even utility agencies looking at your credit score.

With the tools provided by OTL, ScoreSense becomes not just a financial tool, but an effective teaching tool as well. To learn more from, visit Also join us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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