Considering signing up for the ScoreSense free trial to get a free credit score, free trial membership, and monitoring of your credit? Maybe you have been to but just couldn’t decide if a free trial credit score was too good to be true. Maybe you thought you would need to enter a lot of information.

Actually, the ScoreSense free trial membership and free credit score registration takes very little time and requires very little information. You will need to provide your name, address, phone number, social security number, and birth date; but these are taken using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. You can’t get any safer.Credit score

Once you enter your information, you will get some multiple choice questions to verify your identity. Nothing difficult, just questions like, “Which of these model cars did you purchase around June 2010?” and, “Did you work at one of these location in 2009?” The answer may be none of the above; but the point is only you would know the correct answers to all the questions.

You will need to enter a credit card or debit card for billing, in case you decide to continue your membership once the free trial expires. There is also a $1 processing charge that will be refunded if you choose to cancel during your ScoreSense free trial. (That $1 serves as another way to verify you are you. If the transaction goes through, it proves you have access to an account in your name.)

Once this process completes – maybe 10 minutes at most – you see your credit scores from all three major credit bureaus. You can continue on to see your credit information from all three. You may find errors (lots of people do). One advantage of your ScoreSense free trial: access to error correction tools.

Other ScoreSense free trial membership advantages include seeing the effect different actions have on your credit score. Need to delay payments? Want to pay off a credit card? Need to take out a loan? All of these will affect your credit score. You can see the likely effect beforehand using a handy tool available with your free trial credit score and membership.

There really is no reason to hesitate—sign up today for your ScoreSense free trial credit score and membership. You will probably want keep it and turn your ScoreSense free trial membership into a permanent one to continue taking advantage of all of our services.

For more information on credit score tips or to get your free credit score today (why wait?), visit our website.

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