cancel score sense
cancel score sense

Many people join ScoreSense for the free credit report, intending to cancel ScoreSense once they’ve received it. People, who intend to do so, clearly do not understand that with ScoreSense, credit reports are just one of the many services ScoreSense provides. To cancel ScoreSense without exploring all the services offered cheats you out of benefits that could empower you to protect your credit and your family.


  • ScoreSense provides a complete financial picture. While you could certainly take the initial credit report and then cancel ScoreSense, it is far better to stay the course and get updated reports as your credit report evolves. As an added bonus, ScoreSense offers ScoreCast, a revolutionary tool that enables you to glimpse into your financial future and see how certain changes in lifestyle and money management may impact your credit rating.
  • ScoreSense offers tips on your credit rating. Maybe you have a low score, such as 585, or maybe you have a more average rating, like a 630 credit score or a 650 credit score. By following some tips found in the ScoreSense Dispute Center, you may be able to raise your score by simply clearing some items that didn’t belong there and removing some negative data.
  • ScoreSense protects your identity. Identity theft is a huge problem, but ScoreSense members have a significant advantage. ScoreSense monitors members’ accounts continuously, and alerts users of suspicious or fraudulent activity, before identity thieves have the opportunity to cause a big problem.
  • ScoreSense also protects your family. By offering comprehensive information about the sex offenders who live in or near your neighborhood, ScoreSense offers you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re not the only one looking after the best interests of your family.

If you’ve really made up your mind to cancel ScoreSense, we’re sorry to see you go, but the decision is yours. However, for those who decide that to cancel ScoreSense is a bad idea, we’re delighted to offer you the opportunity to take back your financial power, and protect your credit as well as your family. If you need more information on credit monitoring or identity protection, visit today.

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