OTL ScoreSenseThese days, you hear a lot about identity theft, but OTL ScoreSense.com offers protection against this kind of calamity. By monitoring your account activity, ScoreSense can alert you to any suspicious activity, allowing you to contact authorities to apprehend identity thieves before they damage your credit. But are you really at risk for identity theft?

  • According to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, your smartphone might be putting you at risk. Many people have sensitive financial information stored on their phones, yet 62 percent of us do not password protect our mobile devices.
  • Identity theft is not an American phenomenon. ACI Worldwide, a payment systems provider for banks and merchants, recently conducted a survey that indicated that 25 percent of people across 17 countries have fallen victim to credit card fraud.
  • There are several steps you can take to help protect yourself. Many of them involve common sense, but some of them may not have crossed your mind.
    • Avoid putting your financial information onto public computers. It is risky to do your banking or online shopping on a computer that will later be used by others.
    • Do not keep written records of your PINs. Your PINs should be easy for you to remember, while difficult for others to discern. Writing them down is a risky practice, which can allow them to fall into the wrong hands.
    • Be wary of emails from your bank, PayPal, the IRS, or anyone else asking for sensitive financial information. On its website, the IRS assures consumers that they will never solicit financial information via email or social media, so make sure the person from whom you’ve received an email or social media message is legitimate, and not using a false email address to deceive you.
    • Shred sensitive documents. Identity thieves can easily go through your garbage, and if you throw away financial documents without shredding them, they can be used to steal your identity and wreck your credit.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from identity theft is to join forces with a company like OTLScoreSense.com. With ScoreSense, credit is protected through vigilant monitoring of your accounts, with alerts sent to you the minute that suspicious activity occurs. OTLScoreSense.com protects your family, too, with notifications of news about registered sex offenders who enter your neighborhood. In addition, ScoreSense gives you access to your credit report, from all three major bureaus, so that you can take charge of your financial and personal safety. An innovative program from OTLScoreSense.com, ScoreTracker, allows you to see monthly updates to your credit score, and track any changes.

Identity theft doesn’t have to happen to you! By becoming a member of OTL ScoreSense.com, you’ll be taking an important step toward taking control of your credit to protect your finances and your family. If you need more information on identity protection, visit the ScoreSense website today.

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