ScoreSenseAccording to MSN, a recent report indicates that nearly 64 percent of Americans fear identity theft, but companies like ScoreSense are working to lower that number.  By offering valuable information, account monitoring, and credit tips, ScoreSense empowers members to take charge of their finances by protecting their families and their credit. With ScoreSense, you don’t have to worry about your identity being compromised.

  • The very first thing that draws most people to ScoreSense, credit reporting, is also the first step toward protecting your identity. By obtaining copies of your credit reports, you can dispute and clear up any errors, and ascertain whether your sensitive information has been used in any sort of fraudulent way. Having this knowledge empowers you to make things right.
  • Another excellent way to protect your credit is to be cautious when using your mobile devices. Is your smartphone password protected? If you’re like 64 percent of Americans, the answer is probably “no.” This is unwise at best, because smartphones often carry sensitive financial information that can be easily accessed by a thief if the phone is not secured with a password.
  • Use common sense to protect your identity and financial information. Shred documents before discarding them in the trash; keep your credit cards in a safe place; and use caution when shopping and paying bills online. To further protect your credit, consider membership with ScoreSense, which affords you up-to-the-minute account monitoring, so that you can be informed of suspicious activity before it becomes a problem.

ScoreSense, also known as OTL ScoreSense, empowers consumers to take control of their credit, protecting their finances and their families. With ScoreSense, credit monitoring is part of keeping you safe from identity theft and fraud. If you need more information on identity protection, visit today.

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