ScoreSenseThe allure of a ScoreSense membership, for many people, is the free credit reports they receive as soon as they join. Many, in fact, intend to cancel ScoreSense as soon as they get their reports, thinking that their reports are all they need to make informed decisions about their credit. However, this is a false assumption, because ScoreSense membership is much more than a few credit reports. In fact, a membership with OTL ScoreSense may be exactly what you need to protect both your finances and your family.

ScoreSense membership includes three basic areas of service:

  • Credit Monitoring is the one most people think about when they think of ScoreSense membership.This includes reports and scores from all three bureaus, available 24/7, and updated monthly. ScoreSense membership ¬†also includes access to:
    • Credit alerts that notify you of changes in your credit history.
    • The Dispute Center, for tips on how to fix errors in your credit report.
    • ScoreTracker technology, to give you a visualization of how your scores may have changed.
    • ScoreCast, to show how changes in how you handle your finances might impact your credit score.
    • Equally valuable is ScoreSense Identity Monitoring. ScoreSense¬†membership means you are alerted to suspicious activity in your accounts, so that you can stop identity theft before it causes damage. You can also learn your risk for identity theft, and find out how to reduce its likelihood. Score Sense even provides email alerts, and Identity Theft Insurance.
    • Neighborhood Monitoring is one thing that sets ScoreSense membership apart from the competition. Providing a real-time map of sex offenders in your area, ScoreSense also notifies you when new offenders arrive, so that you can protect your family. You can find this information in your ScoreSense login, or OTL ScoreSense can send this information to you via email.

ScoreSense membership empowers you to take greater control of your life, protecting both your finances and your family. If you need more information on credit monitoring or identity protection, visit today.

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