ScoreSense cancel Sometimes people join ScoreSense, cancel once they get their free ScoreSense credit report, and we never hear from them again. We, at ScoreSense, worry about these people, because we can’t imagine why anyone would want to forgo all the benefits offered by ScoreSense. Before you decide to complete a ScoreSense cancel request, we urge you to consider the following facts.

  • A ScoreSense credit report is only the beginning of credit monitoring. Once you’re a member, ScoreSense updates your credit report monthly, and monitors accounts for suspicious activity. By using this service, you get a much clearer picture of your financial health than you would by just reading the initial credit report.
  • ScoreSense can predict the future. Ok, well, maybe not, but our unique ScoreCast™ application allows you to speculate on changes you might make to your financial situation, and it shows you how those modifications can change your financial future.
  • Identity theft is much less likely for members of organizations like ScoreSense. Because ScoreSense is vigilant about monitoring your various accounts, looking for suspicious activity to report back to you, you will be able to catch thieves before they have time to do any damage.
  • ScoreSense outpaces the competition. Sure, there are other companies that monitor credit, but unlike ScoreSense, and other competitors do not offer Neighborhood Protection, alerting you to dangerous people in your neighborhood so that you can protect your family.
  • If you do decide a ScoreSense cancel request is in your future, we make that easy, too. Simply contact our Customer Care department at 1-877-335-6823, any day of the week. We are here for you Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.CST. Make sure to have your member ID or Social Security number handy, as well as your first and last name and the physical address on your account.

If you need to leave ScoreSense, cancel and we won’t contact or charge you further. We hope, however, that you change your mind, and decide against the ScoreSense cancel request, in favor of sticking around to see all the things ScoreSense has to offer.  If you’d like more information on credit management with ScoreSense, visit us at

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