What is the value of a free credit score? You have probably heard the saying “you get what you pay for.” This might lead you to believe a free credit score isn’t worth much, but you would be wrong. While free credit scores may not cost money, they are well worth the bit of time and effort spent to get them.

A service such as scoresense.com delivers a free credit score during your free trial membership as a way to demonstrate to consumers the value of investing in membership. When you ask them to “Give me my free credit score,” you also receive a number of additional services that help make use of your free credit scores.

The value might come in the trial membership to the additional services rather than the free credit score itself. While important in seeking credit, free scores obtained one time is like weighing yourself one time while trying to get fit.

The true value of a free credit score comes with learning how enrolling in those member services will help you manage your credit score and protect your identity. It might seem like a smart move to get your free credit scores and then cancel a trial membership before receiving any charges, but you lose out on the ability to track your credit score over time.

Canceling your membership also means you lose identity theft protection and the ability to quickly find and correct errors in your credit reports. Identity theft or credit report errors could cost thousands of dollars, which means your membership is well worth the cost.

So again, the free credit score might be a good spot check, but it is even more valuable as an introduction to the many services Scoresense.com provides to help you protect and improve your credit.

To learn more about credit and credit reports, visit www.scoresense.com today.

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