Sometimes, when consumers check their credit scores, they are struck by a number that makes no credit score sense. Scams and fraud can hit your credit report without you ever knowing it, and dramatically change your credit score from one or all three of the credit reporting bureaus. That’s why it’s so important to do an annual credit report review using the free credit check offered to you by the federal government.  If you also review your annual credit score (which is not free; it will cost a small fee to obtain these numbers), you can understand your score, sense scams and fraud that may be occurring in your name, and make corrections to errant information on your reports.

Although it may cost a bit of money to see your credit scores, it is a worthwhile investment.  It’s simple: know your score, sense credit card fraud that is happening in your name.  Know your score, sense scams involving your identification or personal information that is allowing someone to borrow money in your name.   Know your score, sense any number of other rip-offs that you were not even aware existed before reviewing your credit reports and knowing your credit scores.

There are many types of scams in existence today.  Telemarketing fraud, Internet fraud including fake auctions, non-existent investments, credit card fraud, and business scams, and a variety of odds-and-ends scams that range from promises of “free” trips if you pay the processing fee, to relatives that are in trouble and need money sent right away.  These scams prey on your sense of fear and guilt, and are designed to extract money from you before you can clearly think through the situation.  If you discover a bad credit score, sense scams like this that could have happened to you without you knowing it.  When they occur, you give criminals access to your personal information and money, and they ruin your credit buying expensive items and taking out loans in your name.

Checking your credit reports for free annually and reviewing your annual credit score is a good start, but is not frequent enough to protect you all year long.  To do that, you need to subscribe to a credit monitoring company like ScoreSense.  With ScoreSense, credit reports can be reviewed as often as you like — monthly, or even more frequently.  ScoreSense also has other helpful features, like one that lets you see what would happen to your credit score if you made certain changes in your financial situation, such as paying off a credit card or buying a house.  When you know how these deliberate actions could affect your score, sense scams easily that are counterintuitive to your score going up to look for attempted fraud or identity theft.  As changes occur that affect your score, sense whether they are legitimate changes you’re making, or whether they’re fraudulent activities occurring in your name and destroying your financial reputation.

If you’d like more information on understanding or finding out how to obtain a copy of your free credit reports or how to see your credit scores, visit ScoreSense at

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