Have you ever wondered, “What is my credit score?” Your credit score provides a crucial piece of financial information about you to potential lenders, employers, and even insurance companies. It provides a number used to establish your trustworthiness, ability to pay debts, and your financial management skills.

With so many potential uses by so many potential users, obtaining your credit score through a service like ScoreSense might be the single most important thing you can do to improve your financial standing. So it’s not enough to ask, “What is my credit score?” You need to ask, “How do I find out my credit score?”

Credit reporting agencies are required by law to provide one free copy of your credit report to you each year, but you must ask for it. However, these reports generally will not include your credit score. That’s because your credit score is their main product to their customers, those who want to know your credit worthiness.

Generally, to answer the question, “What is my credit score?” you will have to pay for it as well. This is one reason services like ScoreSense exist, to help you “find out my credit score.”

Once you know your credit score, the next question might be, “How do I fix my credit score?” This will depend on the cause of the problem. A low credit score may be due to incorrect information gathered by one or more of the three credit reporting bureaus.

You might be able to improve your score simply by correcting the information with one of the bureaus. For example, they may show a credit card account still open that you paid off and closed. Or maybe you paid it off and forgot to close the account. In that case, you need to contact the credit card company and make sure they report it as paid in full to the credit bureau.

There may be no quick answer to “How do I fix my credit score?” It might just take time to pay off debts. However, a good service, such as ScoreSense, provides tools that can help you determine the effects of different strategies to improve your credit score.

To get started answering the question, “What is my credit score?” or just to learn more about credit and credit reports, visit www.scoresense.com today.

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