If you check your credit score, make sure you obtain all three credit scores. You can do that at otl scoresense.com. That’s right, you don’t have just one credit score; you have three credit scores.

Many consumers don’t realize the three major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Experian and Equifax – each calculates a credit score based on the information they have collected on you. That information can vary, so each bureau ends up with a different score. You need to know all three credit scores.

While bank loans and credit card accounts generally get reported to all three bureaus, other consumer loans might only be reported to a single bureau. For instance, if you buy new appliances and get financing through the local retailer, the loan might not be reported to all three bureaus.

When you want to check your credit report, you need to get copies of all three credit reports. Any one of the bureaus might have incorrect information that needs to be rectified. For instance, if you have moved, two of the bureaus might have your new address, but the third might have your previous address.

Is it really important to have all three credit scores and all three credit reports? Couldn’t you just look at one and know where your credit stands?  Unfortunately, those checking your credit won’t be so obliging.

A potential employer or landlord might only check with one bureau. If that bureau has incorrect information that gives you a low score, you could end up missing out on a good job or a fabulous apartment. Don’t take that chance.

You need all three credit scores so you can see the range of scores the bureaus have assigned you. You need to examine all three credit reports to identify and correct errors. Then you need to determine what actions you can take to get the highest credit score from each bureau.

To get all three credit scores or just to learn more about managing your credit, visit us at www.scoresense.com today.

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