What-ScoreSense-Fraud-Protection-IncludesIdentity theft has become a big problem in recent years, but with ScoreSense, fraud doesn’t have to damage your credit. There are many ways someone can steal your good name, access your accounts, and ruin your credit score; however, with the vigilant account monitoring offered by ScoreSense, scam artists don’t stand a chance. With ScoreSense, fraud protection takes a three-pronged form:

  • ID Score is an analytic tool, with which ScoreSense reveals your risk of identity theft. Once you know your level of risk, you can take steps to lower it. It’s always good to take commonsense steps like shredding sensitive documents, and not using credit cards to make payments online from an a unsecured computer. Having someone watching over your accounts increases your security immensely.
  • Identity Report provides all the facts about your risk. It’s like a rip-off report, detailing all the areas where you’re vulnerable to attack. ScoreSense fraud protection means the company searches the Internet, payday loan records, and criminal and public records, to find potential threats and keep you informed.
  • Identity Alert is the third arm of ScoreSense fraud protection. Learn immediately about suspicious activity before it ruins your good name. ScoreSense can send alerts whenever a change of address, payday loan, or criminal record appears in your name.  With Identity Alert, you know immediately if someone has misused your name or your credit information.

There are many ways your credit can be compromised. Some thieves go through your trash, looking for account numbers you’ve thrown away without shredding, while others are brazen enough to steal credit card applications right from your mailbox and open accounts without your knowledge! Often, all it takes is an unscrupulous clerk or waiter, who copies your credit card number and uses it for fraudulent purposes. Identity theft is frightening, but with ScoreSense, fraud doesn’t have to be one of your concerns. Whether it’s credit card fraud or some other misuse of your sensitive financial information, ScoreSense keeps you informed, helps you prevent it, and helps you fix your credit.  If you’d like more information on credit management with ScoreSense, visit us at http://www.scoresense.com.

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