ScoreSense-Tips-For-Maintaining-Financial-Health-New-ParentThe folks at ScoreSense know the joys and burdens that come with the addition of a new child to the family.  And one of the biggest burdens potentially facing a new family is that of financial security, particularly if needs are not anticipated prior to your child’s arrival.  Maintaining credit worthiness during this vital time in your family’s life is crucial, and a great way to ensure that your credit remains healthy is with a Score Sense membership.  With ScoreSense, you can view your credit score, sense scams related to theft of your identity, anticipate changes to your score based on financial moves you make, monitor your credit, and much more.  Access to all of this valuable information is as close by as going to the otl scoresense .com website and entering your ScoreSense login ID and password.

As a new parent, there are other things you need to do as well to stay financially sound: build and maintain a budget, pay down debt, review your insurance needs, spend your money wisely, and track your credit scores and use debt wisely. These are credit management best practices, according to ScoreSense.  Being a parent doesn’t have to “break the bank,” but it can if you spend money you don’t have on things you don’t absolutely need.  Staying credit-worthy means never overextending your finances; these tips can help ensure that your finances stay in line.

Budgeting is an essential step in maintaining your financial health.  By knowing in advance where the money must go, you are less likely to spend it frivolously.  It can also help you set aside money for important future events like college, healthcare, and retirement.  Without a budget, you are more likely to have to borrow money when a major expense hits, because you have nothing in reserve.

Paying down debt is another important aspect of financial security, according to ScoreSense.  If you refer to articles on the OTL ScoreSense website, you will discover quickly that paying off loans – especially revolving credit accounts – will increase your credit score, which improves the likelihood you will be approved for loans at lower interest rates and better terms.

Spending money wisely seems like an obvious task, but many new parents don’t follow through on this concept.  They rush out and buy the most expensive necessities and accessories for their new baby, often using a credit card to pay for the purchase.  Usually, the child has outgrown the item before the debt is ever paid off, and when this process is repeated over and over, it’s easy for families to wind up in a financial hole.  If you are considering borrowing money to pay for a new car seat or playpen, look at less expensive alternatives, or consider buying used.

Finally, track your credit scores and use debt wisely.  These items go hand in hand, and having a membership with ScoreSense can help in both regards.  With your ScoreSense login, you have easy access to all of your credit reports and scores at any time, as well as a plethora of valuable articles and financial programs to help you make the best financial moves possible, both short term and long term.  By having a Score Sense membership, you put yourself in the best possible position to make your new family’s financial life as comfortable as possible.

If you’re a new parent seeking financial and credit advice, or you want to ensure your child’s future is sound, visit ScoreSense at

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