ScoreTracker From OTL ScoreSenseOne of the many benefits of a membership to OTL ScoreSense is that you have access to a variety of credit score tracking tools and programs, one of which is ScoreTracker.  ScoreTracker is a valuable visualization tool that enables you to see all three of your credit scores – from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax – in real time.  The results are displayed for you on a single graphic, with the past 12 months of credit scores displayed.  When you become a member of OTL ScoreSense and go to the website at otl, you can access this graphic at any time.

When you access the ScoreTracker display, you will see a trend of all three of your credit scores displayed simultaneously on one graphic.  The graphic will show a yearlong trend for each score, so you can track your progress  as a result of using the other services available from OTL ScoreSense, like ScoreSense fraud alerts, identity theft monitoring, ScoreTracker, Identity Score and Identity Report, and the library of learning tools, among other resources.  If you need more information about these or any other programs available through ScoreSense, contact the Customer Care team.

ScoreTracker can be used as a standalone feature, but by itself it will not help you reach your goals.  The program is designed so that as you improve your credit scores using other OTL ScoreSense credit-monitoring services, you will be able to see all three of your scores rise, showing the progress you’re making in achieving and maintaining financial stability.  ScoreTracker works hand in hand with ScoreCast, another exclusive program offered by OTL ScoreSense that displays your present credit scores and lets you see how changes to your financial situation – like paying off a credit card, buying a house, or missing a payment – can affect your scores.  When you see how making a major decision can affect your credit, you can make moves that will only serve to improve your scores.  When that happens, the ScoreTracker program will show the upward trend you’re setting with all three agencies.

Every time a new piece of information is added to one of your credit reports, your credit score will change.  With three reporting agencies, that means that one piece of bad or misrepresentative information can change three scores, creating the potential to hurt you financially three different ways.  OTL ScoreSense wants you to be aware of that fact, and has created ScoreTracker as a way to help you see what’s happening to not only your scores but to your overall credit worthiness as well.  Although you always have access to your credit scores at OTL ScoreSense, you will only see the current number being reported. The only way to know what the numbers have been in the past is to track them all yourself, or use ScoreTracker.

You don’t just get access to ScoreTracker and ScoreCast with your subscription to ScoreSense.  Fraud alerts, identity theft protection, Identity Score, Identity Report, and many other features and benefits are at your fingertips.  For more information on any of the programs or services offered by ScoreSense, contact the Customer Care team.

To learn more about the ScoreTracker and ScoreCast programs available at OTL ScoreSense, visit us at

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