To avoid bad credit scores, sense when things don’t feel right about your finances.  If you’ve been denied a loan for no apparent reason, or the loan you just got has a very high interest rate, or you’re receiving unusual phone calls from bill collectors for loans you never took out, something may be wrong.  If you already know you have a good credit score, sense scam and fraud activity that may be occurring on your credit reports.  Having a feeling of when things aren’t right will help you hone your credit score sense, but not nearly as much as a subscription to ScoreSense.  With a ScoreSense login, you don’t have to rely on your credit score sense, you can count on facts.

Of course, the key to never having to deal with bad credit scores is avoiding them in the first place.  If you have good credit score sense, you don’t necessarily need to rely on other indicators. But if you’re like most consumers, you need all the information possible in order to avoid credit trouble.  One of the best pieces of advice for avoiding a bad credit score is to always pay bills on time.  Once you understand that making a payment past the due date will negatively affect your credit scores, sense can be made of where to put your monetary priorities to ensure that doesn’t happen.

With the goal of never having a bad credit score, sense credit card fraud that may be occurring on your accounts. You can do this by scrutinizing your monthly statements when they arrive for charges you didn’t make or services you didn’t order.  When you discover such activities, immediately report them to the credit card company as well as the credit bureaus to make them aware of a potential identity theft scam.  Although it’s better than just waiting on bad scores, sense alone won’t keep you out of trouble.  You need a credit monitoring service that can alert you to fraud the second it’s detected.

So that you don’t end up with a bad score, sense credit cards that are getting close to their critical debt-to-credit limit and stop using them immediately. Better still, pay them down some instead.  When the balance on a credit card gets above 30 percent of the credit limit, it will negatively affect your credit score.

Another great piece of advice to help you not end up with bad credit scores: Sense when you’ve been exposed to a computer virus that may have stolen your identity.  When you do a virus scan, look at the files that have been quarantined before deleting them.  Your anti-virus program will usually alert you if one is a data logger or malicious virus.  If you want to avoid a bad credit score, sense login IDs may have been compromised and change all of your passwords immediately, alert your bank and creditors, and begin watching your credit reports for signs of identity theft.

Of course, to avoid all this, don’t rely on your credit scores sense, intuition, or waiting until you see a bad score to react; sign up with ScoreSense, and you’ll immediately know your current scores, be alerted when someone is trying to defraud you and steal your identity, and have a range of tools at your disposal to not only avoid bad credit, but improve it instead.

If you want to avoid bad credit and be alerted to identity theft and fraud that may be occurring in our name without having to rely on intuition or score sense, visit ScoreSense at

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