If you’re like thousands of other ScoreSense customers who are working toward improving their credit scores, it’s time to read some good news for a change.In a recent article from Money Talks News http://www.moneytalksnews.com/2013/03/06/how-to-live-with-bad-credit-and-how-to-make-it-better/ it states that as the economy gains a bit of ground, folks with a few bad marks on their credit can breathe a little easier.  The online magazine’s survey of apartment managers displays a more relaxed stance on renting to individuals with lower credit scores: in the past, the answer was simply, “Sorry, but no.” Now, the answer is “Sure, but we’ll need a little more of a deposit.”  You can do that.

Additionally, while many employers still run credit checks on prospective employees, a low credit score doesn’t necessarily keep candidates from landing that perfect position as much as it did even a few years ago.  There is a general understanding now that millions of people are climbing out some financial challenges; so if you’re questioned about your credit, you have the perfect opportunity to tell how you’re making some positive changes in your financial life.

Finally, while you’re working on paying your bills on time, the good news is that credit card companies have to stay on their own turf , meaning if a credit card company raised your interest rate in the past because you made a late payment, other credit card companies shouldn’t follow suit and raise their rates.  And, after giving it some time, those steady credit card payments should help your score rise once again.

Bad credit is not a permanent situation. Continue to take the time to improve it by spending wisely and look forward to enjoying a brighter financial future.

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