Did you know that more than 70% of new car buyers finance their purchase?

Did you know that it’s not mandatory for you to finance your car through the dealership?

That said, did you know that even if a bank won’t finance a car for a person with a low credit score, many auto dealerships WILL?

Did you know that many dealers work with indirect auto lenders who allow the dealers to charge a higher interest rate to the buyer so that the dealers can make money on the deal as well?

Did you know that it pays to research information about your credit score when you car shop?  Having general knowledge about your credit could help you check to see if you qualify for any special financing promotions?

Did you know that after settling on the sales price, the taxes, delivery, title and registration fees are really the only legitimate fees that you should pay? Everything else is just extra.

Did you know that a “joint applicant” of a car loan actually shares the ownership of the car while a “co-signer” does not?


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