Your credit scores in your pocket!

We are excited to announce the ScoreSense App, Scores To Go™, for iOS and Android is available for download.

Scores To Go is the most convenient way for members to quickly check their credit scores from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Use the app to:

  • • Keep track of your credit scores with monthly reminders.
  • • See how your scores have changed over time.
  • • Compare your scores to the average credit scores nationally, in your area and among your age group.
  • • Understand what five items contribute to your scores.
  • • Take advantage of more than 100 credit tips on monitoring and protecting your credit profile.
  • • Access’s full complement of services anywhere, anytime. offers members innovative financial and credit monitoring tools for a clearer understanding of their personal finances and credit scores.’s delivery of credit reports, credit monitoring, fraud alerts and identity theft protection provides vital information and protection.

At ScoreSense, we feel it’s important for our members to have their credit scores and information readily available, so we’ve made keeping tabs on your scores even easier.

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