October 19th is National Get Smart About Credit Day – and prime time to “get smart” about credit behaviors that can affect your scores more than you may realize. It’s important that you monitor and protect your scores, because they determine how creditors may view you and the interest rates they will extend to you. ScoreSense can help you stay on top of your credit scores and reports, and stay credit smart every day.



• DO REVIEW YOUR REPORTS AND SCORES MONTHLY. See exactly where you stand with all three credit bureaus and why. Get unlimited access to all three credit scores and reports, as well as monthly updates from TransUnion, Equifax and Experian, all in one convenient place.
• DO REPORT CHECKS TO SEE WHAT’S IMPACTING YOUR SCORES. See how much your payment history, outstanding debt, new activity, account types and credit age contribute to your overall scores, every month.
• DO CHECK YOUR CREDIT UTILIZATION. How does your credit card usage impact your scores? Explore how making changes in your credit card use, outstanding balances and repayment efforts can affect your scores.
• DO STAY ALERT TO CHANGES TO YOUR CREDIT PROFILE. Daily monitoring notifies you with email and portal alerts about changes to your credit report. You’ll see what occurred, why it’s important and possible steps to protect your credit.
• DO SEEK ANSWERS TO YOUR CREDIT QUESTIONS. Our Credit Specialists will help you make sense of your scores and answer your credit questions, one on one, every time you call.

Knowing your scores is important, and understanding what’s behind them is critical. ScoreSense gives you the access, insights and tools to boost your credit smarts so you can make better-informed decisions.


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